Lucky No. Seven, Best and Brightest Continue to Shine

By Warren Turner, Former Andersen Manager Enterprise Group, Partner at Cardinal Points and Managing Director Andersen Alumni Association

Consulting Magazine recently released its 2019 Best Firms to Work For

It should be no great surprise that seven of the top twenty spots where held by Andersen Alumni. They are as follows:

No. 2 Collaborative Solutions, LLC , CEO Carroll Ross

No. 3 Systems Evolution, Inc. , CEO Bill Gallagher

No. 5 West Monroe Partners, CEO Kevin McCarty

No. 6 Pariveda Solutions, CEO Bruce Ballengee

No.12 North Highland, CEO Dan Reardon

No. 15 Huron, CEO Jim Roth

No. 16 Protiviti, CEO Joseph Tarantino

Let’s congratulate these Alumni and their firms in this achievement.